October 22, 2018

100,000th international ship docks at Yangshan Deep-Water Port

Cosco Africa, 100,000th international ship, docked at Shanghai International Shipping Center Yangshan Deep-Water Port on October 13.

After the inspection officers boarded the ship and carried out their routines, they congratulated the ship’s Chinese captain. Taken by surprise, the captain said: “This is Cosco Africa’s 25th time docking at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port since 2008, and the port changes every time, especially after the establishment of the phase-four automatic port.”

In August 2008, the number of international ships docking at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port reached 10,000. On its 10th anniversary in 2015, the numbered soared to 70,000. After the phase-four automatic port was put into use in 2017, the Yangshan Deep-Water Port’s ship handling capacity has redoubled.

From the port’s inauguration in 2006 to the completion of the four berths of the second-phase of the port, the number of ships entering and exiting the port increased from the initial 2,000 to 6,000 a year. Seven berths were completed subsequently, and the number of berths for container ships increased to 16.

In 2017, the port’s phase-four seven berths all became operational, and the berths for container ships increased to 23.