October 09, 2018

World Customs Organization approves categorization of China’s antenna products

The China Customs’ proposal of unifying the categorization properties of communication equipment antenna products was approved recently, according to the World Customs Organization.

Categorization experts from the China Customs applied the international trade regulations to get approval from the WCO for China’s self-developed hi-tech products such as communication equipment’s antenna, base station antenna, and microwave antenna.

The annual trade volume of China’s base station antenna reaches US$3 billion yuan and is still growing. The country’s microwave antenna’s global trade volume hits US$300 million to 400 million every year.

Communication equipment antenna is one of the advantage products of Huawei’s overseas subsidiaries. Due to its lack of categorization code and the different categorization practice in different countries, Huawei’s antenna products needed separate declaration for the companies using them.

At the beginning of this year, Huawei sought help from the categorization center of the Shanghai Customs. After research and analysis, the center approved Huawei’s request to categorize its antenna products as “communication equipment parts.”

Subsequently, the center submitted the new categorization of Huawei’s antenna products to the WCO, and after six months’ deliberation, Huawei’s antenna finally acquired unified categorization properties worldwide.

This means a batch of high-tech Chinese exporting companies whose main products are communication equipment antenna will no longer be troubled by the different categorization practice in different countries, and the antenna products will procure their own commodity code, said one official with the Shanghai Customs.