September 18, 2018

Eastern Air Logistics launches cargo service center in FTZ bonded area

Eastern Air Logistics Co Ltd launched its air cargo service center in the Free Trade Zone Bonded Area last Friday.

The center will help Eastern Air Logistics promote its business models’ innovative transformation and upgrade the FTZ’s development level. It will also facilitate the logistics services for the first China International Import Expo in November.

The 4,032-square-meter center, located at the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, is an extension of Eastern Airline’s cargo terminal in the Waigaoqiao bonded area. It will work with Shanghai Pudong International Airport Customs, Waigaoqiao Customs, and Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Trading Operation Center to maximize the clearance and cargo delivery efficiency at the cargo terminals of airports and the bonded areas.

Starting from this month, the global exhibitors’ exhibits will arrive in Shanghai and EAL will provide further assistance to the exhibitors in cargo clearance and logistics. On September 11, EAL completed the transportation of UPM-Kymmene Corporation’s 1,110-kilogram concept vehicle Biofore, which will be exhibited in the CIIE.

The center will operate through centralized agency practice and it will adopt practices such as “enter the bonded area first and declare later.” It will promote the single window for international trade and fully support the clearance and circulation of CIIE’s global exhibitors’ importing cargos.

At the unveiling ceremony, the center also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Trading Operation Center to exert the center’s comprehensive trading and logistics advantages and EAL’s cargo network and ground terminals’ advantages to provide their customers with an integrated service platform of the whole logistics chain.

The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on industry platforms from businesses such as liquor, medicine, automobile, clock, machine tool, cosmetics, medical equipment, and construction machinery. Six of the platforms will participate in the CIIE’s exhibits safeguard work.