September 17, 2018

City adopts a comprehensive guideline to boot the sports industry

The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality held a news briefing to give interpretations on the city’s guideline on accelerating the sports industry’s innovative development and introduced the preparatory works of the 16th Shanghai City Games.

According to the briefing, the sports industry’s scale reached 126.69 billion yuan (US$18.437 billion) in 2017, up 21.1 percent from the previous year, realizing added value of 47.03 billion yuan.

The city has introduced the guideline to tackle the difficult problems of the sports industry’s development according to major researches. Shanghai will adopt preferential policies and give support to the sports industry to enhance its global competitiveness and influence, pushing for the industry’s better and faster development.

The guideline consists of 30 measures on the development of sports industry’s key areas, reconstruction of the city’s modern sports market system, and improvement and implementation of the supporting policies. It also put forward that the scale of the sports industry will reach 200 billion yuan by 2020; 400 billion yuan by 2025; and make the sports industry compatible with Shanghai’s global status and its positioning as an excellent metropolis by 2035.

Also, the guideline specifies that Shanghai will build itself into an international center of sports events, improve its layout of major sports, build a highland of professional sports events, increase the city’s original sports events, and upgrade the sports events’ quality and their economic benefits.

The government subsidy for the sports industry will also be increased. The standards for sports events’ quality and their evaluation systems will be improved, and a dynamic sports events’ monitoring mechanism will be created.

In terms of fitness and leisure industry, the guideline stipulated that the varieties of the industry needs to be broadened to incorporate ice and snow sports and water sports. The city should add more fitness and leisure facilities and make middle- and-long-term plans to install the facilities for all the city’s residents by building “15-minute walk circle of sports and exercise.”

And a batch of key fitness and leisure aggregation zones and demonstration bases of fitness and leisure should be set up to optimize the city’s sports industry layout.

In addition, the guideline also stresses that the service industry for the sport industry needs to be improved, including the stadiums’ service capability. The ownership and the management right of the fitness and leisure facilities need to be separated. The sports intermediate market needs to be revitalized; the sports media industry should be promoted; an international sports trade center should be set up to attract a batch of international headquarters of sports supplies companies and explore the policies supporting the development of the sports industry in the Free Trade Zone.

And the research and development capability of sports equipment needs to be enhanced; the sports equipment production industry should be upgraded; and a national sports equipment’s quality supervision center needs to be set up. The taxes on the sports industry’s companies need to be reduced and their subsidy increased; their industrial land needs should be secured; and supporting talents policies need to be introduced.

The 16th Shanghai City Games will be held from September 28 to November 10. It will be divided into children’s groups, teenagers’ groups and university groups.