September 03, 2018

National pavilions in FTZ help over 20 countries and regions to introduce products to consumers

Shanghai Free Trade Zone's national (regional) pavilion program has helped more than 20 foreign countries and regions to introduce their products to local consumers.

The FTZ’s national (regional) import goods exhibition and trading center, located in the Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, serves as a one-stop platform connecting the enterprises of foreign countries, especially those involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, with Chinese individuals and organizations. It helps the foreign countries on matters relating to exhibition, sales and supporting services for their goods and and opens a door to small and mid-sized enterprises to enter China.

One of the pavilions is the Chile Pavilion, which is run by China Chile Central, as a two-way service platform for Chinese and Chilean businesses. Chilean seafood, snacks like dried fruits, drinks like wine and juice, cosmetics and some traditional art works can all be found in its exhibition hall.

China Chile Central is the authorized exhibition and trading platform for South American products.

Another "inhabitant" living in the center is the Pavilion of 16 central and eastern European countries, which allows visitors to enjoy a diversity of products offered by these European countries.