July 03, 2018

Waigaoqiao Machine Tool Center becomes import expo’s 365-day service platform

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Machine Tool Center has been chosen as one of the first batch of 30 platforms of the upcoming China International Import Expo’s 365-day one-stop trading and service platform.

Altogether, eight platform companies of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co have been included in the first batch of platforms, and the machine tool center is the only platform that can provide long and short-term exhibition services to its customers in the city’s intelligent manufacturing sector.

Guo Yongjian, general manager of Waigaoqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, said in an interview that the machine tool center has been chosen as one of the first batch platforms because the center’s decade-long exhibition services to its customers are compatible with its long and short-term exhibitions.

The machine tool center also has its pre-sale and after-sale services, including commodity inspection, services at the customs and machine tool parts’ service, to help its customer companies to seal machine tool deals. After the CIIE this year, the center will continue its services of exhibiting and promoting their customers’ machine tools.

The most enticing service of the center to its overseas customers is its bonded exhibition service. For a million yuan deal of machine tool, the customer can save about 26 percent of the cost, which can make the customer’s capital more efficient.

Also, the machine tool center has employed third-party inspection agencies that are approved by Shanghai Customs and commodity inspection entities. The compulsory inspections have to be carried out in the original production place of the machine tools, but now the inspections can be done in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, which better safeguards its overseas and domestic customers’ interests.

Robotics companies, high-end automatic equipment production companies and high-end shipbuilding companies are increasingly aggregating in the FTZ bonded area, and the center will take advantage of the aggregation of the companies to build an intelligent manufacturing industry of 100 billion yuan (US$14.95 billion) sales scale, Guo added.

With a 100,000-square-meter floor space, Waigaoqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park has attracted more than 140 machine tool companies from a dozen countries and regions.