May 29, 2018

Shanghai FTZ will adopt a new program to prolong electric meters’ service life

The Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Pudong New Area government jointly launched the pilot program of sampling inspection of electric meters recently among the Shanghai Free Trade Zone companies to prolong the meters’ service life.

The service life of electricity meters is usually six to eight years, and there are currently more than 500 million operational meters across the country and approximately 60 million meters have to be replaced with new ones annually. However, some of the replaced meters are still working, so keeping them in service for an extended period of time can cut a great amount of electronic waste.

The pilot program will involve 560,000 electricity meters, whose service life will expire in 2019 in the FTZ. The Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision will see to it that the companies in the zone will follow the relevant rules of replacment or keep using their meters according to the sampling examination results.

Ji Zhaoliang, executive deputy governor of the Pudong New Area, said Pudong will carry out the pilot program and gather experiences that can be adopted in other parts of the country.

Also, the May 20 electricity metering public education campaign has been launched, which will last for 60 days aiming to promote information and knowledge regarding electricity, electric energy and electricity metering.