May 22, 2018

‘One enterprise, one certificate’ reform benefits FTZ companies

Gemalto, a digital security company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, became the first beneficiary of the “one enterprise, one certificate” reform on May 16. The reform eliminates the requirement that companies in the zone have to apply for a certificate for each industrial product they produce.

The zone started to pilot the reform in March 2017 and the experiment was introduced into other parts of the country in January. It also extended from the original 19 types of products to 38 types and provided full coverage of industrial products.

Gemalto was the first company in the country to receive its national certificate for production of industrial products for its integrated circuit card and IC card reader. In the past, Gemalto had to apply for six certificates for producing its products. So the new regulation has greatly lowered the costs for Gemalto and other companies in the zone.

To ensure the reform’s effectiveness, the Pudong New Area Administration for Market Regulation has also introduced supervision mechanisms that oversee the reform, such as carrying out a promotion campaign of the reform to the 100 companies that had acquired the certificates, helping the companies improve their application processes, and strengthening the cooperation in examining the companies’ production certificate application, and inspection on their products with Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the State Administration for Market Regulation.

Also, the administration will carry out follow-up inspections and selective examinations of the companies with such certificates to make sure that they will follow the relevant rules for certificate application and cancellation.

A rewarding and punishment mechanism will also be introduced.

Next, the administration will keep improving the reform and its services and keep exploring new reforms.