May 11, 2018

FTZ’s new cooperation agreement aims to promote cultural innovation industry

Shanghai Free Trade Zone International Cultural Investment Co and the Charoen Pokphand Group’s Culture Development Co Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement recently to start in-depth cooperation in cultural industries, share resources and promote the cultural innovation industry.

The two will take advantage of Shanghai FTZ’s preferential policies and Shanghai Customs’ special supervision area to strengthen their channel services and make the best use of the joint marketing and coordinated management mechanisms to host various arts exhibitions, as well as carrying out cooperation in creative products’ development and design and arts financing.

The two will also enhance in-depth interaction between the Shanghai International Bonded Artworks Service Center and the CP Cultural Investment Co.

As Shanghai FTZ’s cultural service and operation demonstration platform, Shanghai FTZ International Cultural Investment Co is coordinating the FTZ’s arts sector’s businesses, promoting the zone’s aggregation of cultural industries and development, and building the zone’s complete arts industry chain service system.

The CP Group said they will support China’s art industry’s strategic promotion and set an example for the comprehensive art service industry, thus further promoting the FTZ’s art industry.