April 23, 2018

Shanghai ports to adopt new measures to further facilitate cross-border trade

Shanghai ports will soon introduce a series of measures to better cross-border business environment and create a world-class international trade single window to strengthen the core functions of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, according to Shanghai Port Service Office.

With the new measures, companies’ credit information will be shared among different departments. For companies with good credit records, the clearance time of 95 percent of their import shipment by sea and air will be shortened to two days and 24 hours respectively; the qualified companies’ origin-traceable, risk-manageable shipment will enjoy preferential policies such as examining the company’s qualification instead of the imports.

This year, Shanghai Port Service Office will promote a joint-action mechanism among declaring companies, trade companies and freight forwarders; realize paperless container handover in Shanghai ports for the trade companies; further improve transparency of the ports’ operation and charging process and provide third party evaluation service. The relevant departments will further shorten the time and procedures needed for checking imported electronic and mechanical products’ export licenses, certificates of origin and China Compulsory Certification.

Also, the administration will expand the trade and financial services, strengthen the core functions of the examination system of exchange, settlement and sales, further augment the information sharing mechanism and facilitate the shipment’s safety origin tracing mechanism.

In addition, the city will initiate the piloting program of cross-port business of ship maintenance and explore the supervision system on cross-border biomedicine research and development.