March 27, 2018

Artemed Hospital finishes construction of main building

Artemed Hospital, the first comprehensive foreign capital hospital introduced into the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, is expected to start operation within this year.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development Co Ltd has finished the construction of the hospital building and transferred it to Artemed for interior decoration.

The hospital is the FTZ’s key project in medical system reform. Invested by Artemed Group and Silver Mountain Ventures, the hospital is a cooperation project under the health cooperation agreement signed between China and Germany in 2014.

The main building of the phase-one project of the hospital can house 200 beds. Its core medical service is orthopedics, covering out-patient, emergency treatment and inpatient care. It will also be equipped with an imaging center, including PET-MRI and a third party physical examination center.

Artemed Group is the leading medical service provider in the elderly care industry in Europe, and it has first-class medical treatments of venous vascular diseases, arterial diseases, coronary diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, surgeries, pathologic diagnosis of internal organs, and transplants surgeries.