March 26, 2018

Shanghai FTZ pilot program now introduced into 10 other provinces and cities

Shanghai Free Trade Zone’s pilot program on import of non-special use cosmetics now will be introduced into free trade zones in 10 other provinces and municipalities, according to an announcement released by the Shanghai FTZ administration recently.

The 10 provinces and municipalities are Tianjin, Chongqing, and Liaoning, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces.

Initiated in March 2017 in Pudong New Area, the pilot program was an important part of “doing business first and register later” reform. The first batch of imported non-special use cosmetics’ approval management was changed to registration management for firms registered in the new area.

The program has shortened the approval time of importing cosmetics from two months to right-on-the-spot, as long as the registrants have all the relevant documents in order. This also benefits domestic consumers for the latest cosmetics products can be available in Chinese markets almost the same time when they are launched in the overseas market.

Shanghai is a major base for cosmetics industry’s research, production, operation and consumption in China. In 2017, the city’s imported cosmetics’ volume accounted for 58 percent of the total in the country.