March 20, 2018

Re-export certificates issued by Shanghai Free Trade Zone jumps 37.28 percent in

Shanghai Free Trade Zone issued 788 certificates of re-export last year to companies in the zone, involving shipments of US$21.92 million and representing an increase of 37.28 percent and 29.87 percent year-on-year respectively.

Of the total, 595 certificates were issued to companies that re-exported shipments to the Belt and Road countries, involving US$17.77 million.

The certificate of re-export is more efficient than the issuance of certificate of origin. The inspection and quarantine department issued certificates of origin and the shipment value involved grew 20.5 and 15.37 percent respectively.

Through the FTZ, the re-exported shipments’ destinations include mainly Korea, Germany and Thailand. The re-exported shipment to the Belt and Road countries and the certificates involve accounted for 75.51 and 81.06 percent of the total respectively.

The certificated shipments are mainly mechanical equipment parts, chemical products, plastic products, mechanical equipment, automobile parts, and clothing. The number of certificates issued for chemical products and their shipment value increased the fastest, which had a year-on-year growth of 327.78 and 615.43 percent respectively.