March 14, 2018

Yangshan Port’s joint on-board inspection mechanism proves to be effective

Officials from four departments carried out an onboard inspection of a foreign-owned ship docking at Yangshan Port on last Wednesday.

The day marked the first anniversary of the joint-action mechanism launched by the four organizations on onboard inspection. They are Yangshan Port Maritime Safety Administration, Yangshan Customs, Yangshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and Yangshan Station of Immigration Inspection.

The joint team inspected the ship’s documents, condition of its equipment, stocks of alcohols and cigarettes, baggage, the ship’s cabin hygiene and the onboard personnel’s health, then issued customs clearance certificate and documents to the ship.

During the one-year practice of the joint-action mechanism, 32 ships have been inspected, and the average clearance time has been shortened from three hours to about 45 minutes. Since the first trial inspection on the ultra large 399.32-meter-long container ship “Maren Maersk,” the ships’ inspection scale has then been extended to container ships, oil tankers and oceanic exploration ships.

The ships used to have to be inspected for multiple times, which not only slowed the clearance efficiency greatly, but also affected the ports’ service quality, said Han Hong, preparatory team leader of Shanghai Maritime Safety Bureau’ office in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The joint-action mechanism was formed at the request of China’s Ministry of Transport, and the mechanism facilitated information exchange among the four parties and accelerated the efficiency of inspection process and law enforcement.