February 26, 2018

Shanghai Free Trade Zone hires five new part-time legal counselors

Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration recently issued letters of appointment to five newly-appointed legal counselors at a meeting held in the zone.

Starting by the end of 2015, the zone has followed a part-time government legal consultation system and hired five part-time legal counselors.

In the past two years, the legal counselors have provided legal consultation in a range of fields such as the zone’s policy making and major agenda’s argumentation, administrative review, administrative litigation cases, making and reviewing of normative documents, stipulation of contracts, innovation making, and exploration of reforms.

Last November, the FTZ began a new round of hiring legal counselors. The newly-appointed five legal counselors, including Gong Baihua, were selected through strict screenings from well-known specialists, scholars, and practicing lawyers.

Speaking at the appointment meeting, Wang Xinling, deputy director of the administration, expressed his gratitude for the previous group of legal counselors and hoped that the newly-appointed legal counselors would uphold justice, be responsible, and make contributions to the zone’s economy and construction of a legal system.

Also, the zone should provide them with a service platform, carry out the government administrative management in a law-respecting manner, take heed of the counselors’ advice, further improve the zone’s legal counselor hiring mechanism, and increase their participation in the zone and the free port’s legal system construction, Wang added.

Li Zhaojie, another deputy director of the zone’s administration, handed out the letters of appointment to the five newly-appointed legal counselors at the meeting.