February 23, 2018

Yangshan Deep Water Port’s trial run of power supply for new project a success

The phase-four project of Yangshan Deep Water Port has finished the trial run of electricity supply recently.

With support from Shanghai Guandong International Container Terminal Co Ltd, the 12-hour trial docking and undocking of the containership “Changliang” to the power grid was a success.

To reduce the emission of diesel-powered large-scale container ships, Shanghai Transportation Commission and Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration stipulated that starting from April, 2016, containerships in the port should use fuel oil with sulfur content less than 0.5 kilograms per ton, except for the first hour when ships reach the port or the last hour before they depart from the port.

When in port, zero-emission shore power supply and other alternative clean energies are even better replacement of low-sulfur fuel oil.

The phase-four Yangshan Deep Water Port has installed five power supply systems, which can power five ships simultaneously.