February 22, 2018

Waigaoqiao FTZ and join hands to promote cross-border e-commerce

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co Ltd and Inc. signed a strategic cooperation memorandum recently, which stipulates the two parties will cooperate in logistics, storage, trade, commerce and functional platform. also kicked off the project of its first offline experience store Jingdonghui. Located at Sunland shopping mall, the store will use the FTZ’s preferential policies and the collection of commodities of, Jingdong’s affiliate global online shopping mall, and special commodities selected by big data to integrate cultural, tourism, and financial services.

In 2017, launched its “situational experiencing retailing store” strategy. Huang Xing, vice president of, said the new retail strategy will integrate situational shopping experience, commodity experience, self-help shopping experience, and the combination of online and offline shopping. is building its automated logistics system and equipment, including no-driver trucks, drones, unmanned storage and unstaffed stores. All of these could be used in Jingdonghui.

Yu Yong, vice general manager of Waigaiqiao group, said the group’s cooperation with is an attempt to combine trade and retail and with a physical store and bonded storage warehouse, the consumers can shop at the store, place the order, then have their shopped items delivered to their door when they get home. Meanwhile, China’s quality products can also be promoted to the global markets.

JD Logistics will also provide comprehensive and supporting services to the FTZ to help upgrade the latter’s service capability and exemplary effects as a model of cross-border e-commerce industrial park.

Meanwhile, Waigaoqiao Group will provide with bonded warehouse and other services, such as storage warehouse management system and all-in-one solutions.