January 30, 2018

Trade firms in Shanghai FTZ tap new scheme to speed up process for imported garments

Trade firms in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone can now apply for a fast-track quarantine and inspection process for the garments they import.

Imported garments are major trade items in the comprehensive bonded area of Pudong International Airport, which hosts several well-known enterprises.

Nearly 2 billion yuan (US$313 million) worth of garments were imported through the bonded area last year, a jump of 40 percent from a year ago. Many companies have decided to establish their Asia-Pacific distribution center in the FTZ.

The Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will clear clothing imported by the companies in the FTZ in just seconds, compared to around 10 days under the normal inspection procedures early last year. 

Under the scheme, only 5 percent of the garments imported by a reputable company needs to be examined, compared with 100 percent previously.

Meanwhile, five Changning-based companies have been approved to try out the fast-track quarantine and inspection process for their imports.

The Shanghai quarantine watchdog and Changning District have jointly launched a trial scheme to allow consumers, for instance, to drink fresh milk from New Zealand within three days of production, down from at least eight days previously.

The five companies, which deal in imported dairy products, food, wine, clothes, shoes and jewelry, signed quality guarantees to become the first batch of companies in the trial. This scheme will run for a year before being evaluated.