December 28, 2017

Shanghai bureau pushes reforms in animal, plant and food inspection and quarantine

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has been working with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for many years to establish the management standard of importing biomedicine material in line with that in developed countries and introduce more scientific management measures and reforms.

Piloted in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the new measures also include adopting the inspection negative list on animals and plants, improving the management system of imported animals and plants certificate, shortening the approval process from 20 to seven workdays, and extending the expiration time from six to 12 months.

Before the new methods, the imported laboratory mouse need to be quarantined for 30 days to be experimented on, which might cause the loss of optimal research time. Now the Specific Pathogen Free mouse’s quarantine time have been shortened from 30 days to 14, and simultaneous experiments on the mouse during their quarantine are allowed.

The bureau released a list of animals and plants from certain countries that are exempt from inspection in November, which include 18 low risk animals and plants, greatly simplifying the importing procedures and facilitating scientific researches.

As for fruits and other fresh commodities, the bureau has introduced new clearance measures such as one inspection being effective for subsequent imports. And the bureau is working with Yangshan Bonded Port Area to build Shanghai FTZ into a policy highland with incorporated functions such as cross-border e-commerce, exhibition, auction, and international transshipment.

Also, the efficient clearance procedures have reduced the price of imported fresh fruits and products by 20 to 30 percent. For example, now it will only take two hours for the Yangshan Bonded Port to handle the clearance of cherries from the Tasmania island in Australia, which means when the fruits reach the port, the consumers can get it on the same day.

The online import e-commerce platforms enjoy the convenience of the new measures too. Fruit importer Fruit Day in the FTZ has docked their official website with the bureau’s clearance website, and its sales have been doubled for three consecutive months.

New measures also apply to grains. Now it would only take the bureau two minutes to finish processing the clearance of a warehouse of bulk grain, and the whole process of shipment is trackable now. The imported grain quarantine and inspection system can be used among 35 directly-subordinate inspection bureaus, solving the long-standing problem of soybeans futures transaction.

The Imported Animals and Plants Intelligent Sampling System, and Shanghai Mailing and Shipment Port’s Digital Management System of Deliveries have been operational, and the monitoring system for import & export plant seeds and sprouts, and foreign hazardous organism monitoring system are being developed.