December 25, 2017

City unveils a guideline for accelerating innovative development of cultural industries

The CPC Shanghai Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government recently released a guideline for accelerating the innovative development of cultural industries.

The guideline includes 50 articles on building and channeling resources into the market of cultural industries. Also, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone will use its advantage to provide cultural industries with complete services and build the International Art Trade Center.

The following are some highlights of the guideline.

Pudong New Area will speed up the construction of Waigaoqiao FTZ according to its own vision; and Xuhui District will accelerate the construction of Binjiang arts clusters and support the arts innovation parks, and arts fairs in arts schools.

Artwork E-commerce will be supported, as well as new business format in artworks trading, auction, and exhibition. Third parties artworks evaluation platform will be encouraged to work with local financial institutes to promote artwork pledge financing, and introduce financial services such as installment payment. Supplementary services such as artwork logistics, storage, and insurance will also be supported.

World-renowned art institutions, auction houses, and arts exhibitions will be imported, and they will enjoy convenient customs clearance and reduction or exemption of deposits.

The guideline also has plans for building a global film and television production center that incorporate companies specialized in production, post-production and film distribution to advance the development of the industry and attract talents.

Also the guideline made plans for building Shanghai into a city of performing arts, encouraging local artists and groups to perform world-wide, invigorating the arts market, encouraging the performing arts agencies to be combined with social resources, and supporting performance agencies and institutes.

Global Animation and Game Center will be built to strengthen China’s original animation and games; the public services for animation and games will be upgraded to reduce their operational costs, and an electronic sports hall will be built.

Also, online cultural industries’ domestic leading position will be secured, and two to three media groups with great influence and credibility will be established. International creative and design highland will be built to increase industrial benefit and global compatibility. The highland includes industries such as fashion design, jewelry design, and it provides services such as branding, and business format innovation.

The publishing industry will be upgraded, deeply integrated with the Internet. The reforms of the publishing corporations affiliated to universities will be deepened, and private publishers will be encouraged. Physical bookstores will be upgraded with new development planning and multiple business models.

The deployment of the layout of the cultural industrial chain will be accelerated to promote technologies in the industry, and increase their global recognition. The FTZ’s Cultural Equipment Platform will further improve its services for the cultural industries.

Researches with independent intellectual property rights will be encouraged and supported, such as wearable devices, immersive experience platforms, mobile applications and assistive devices, intelligent manufacturing, and new cinematic systems.