November 16, 2017

City bureau adopts new measures to improve its services for FTZ

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau introduced 10 measures at a press conference yesterday to better serve the companies in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The measures are in line with President Xi Jinping’s direction at the 19th CPC National Congress that FTZs should be granted more reform autonomies, and are tailored according to the needs of the Shanghai FTZ and the companies in the zone. Once proven successful, they will be adopted by other FTZs in China.

The new measures include introducing one-stop service for companies’ registration and filing; establishing an intelligent service center in Zhangjiang cross-border technology and innovation center; supporting Pudong New Area to become the major market of imported consumer goods; introducing rating systems of inspection and quarantine risk classifications; and pushing forward the protection of eco-origin products.