July 24, 2017

Vehicle management center opens in FTZ

A new vehicle management center with a comprehensive scope of services to motorists has opened in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone this week.

Located at 459 Fute Road (W-1), the 1,200-square-meter center becomes the largest of its kind under a branch public security bureau with the most services provided.

The center offers almost all common services regarding vehicle inspection and licenses for Shanghai-registered car plates.

Motorists can apply for a Chinese driving license with one issued in an overseas country or region at the center, but previously they could apply only at the traffic police's vehicle management center on Hami Road in Changning District.

Wang Zhaohui, a Chinese citizen with a driving license issued in the United States who came to the center to apply for a Chinese one this morning, told Shanghai Daily that this center is more efficient in handling the request.

"The Hami Road center said the nearest possible date for me to take a required written test there is August 7, but here I will be able to take it today," he said.

The tests are available in foreign languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

The center also allows drivers who have full 12 demerits in their licenses to take written tests there so as to regain the licenses.

Apart from motorists, the center also has services for businesses from the field of transport or logistics such as issuing permits and passes.

Police from the Free Trade Zone Public Security Bureau said they expect to serve 120,000 people at the center annually.

It’s estimated that about 50,000 vehicles come through the Free Trade Zone every day, while there are about 260,000 people working in companies within the zone.

Any resident in Shanghai can come to the center for services.