November 26, 2019

Waigaoqiao group subsidiary upgrades Sherpas postal system

The Shanghai Waigaoqiao Facilitation Center of Enterprises Development Co Ltd (SHWFED), a subsidiary of the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group, recently launched an upgraded version of Sherpas, which is a one-stop full lifecycle management system.
The system covers various processes, including invoicing, data utilization, mail transfer, delivery, logistics tracking and document management.
The SHWFED has joined hands with China Post Shanghai to build an efficient mail integrated management system in the upgraded 2.0 version.
Enterprises can receive EMS postal services such as information check and maintenance, matching recipients, intelligent address merger, mail collection and tracking.
Currently, more than 970 enterprises have used the Sherpas postal integrated management system and delivered a total of 1 million invoice- and tax-related mails.