November 07, 2019

‘Belt and Road’ National Pavilion opens at Waigaoqiao

As one of the activity venues of the ongoing 2nd China International Import Expo, Shanghai’s first “Belt and Road” National Pavilion was inaugurated on November 2 at the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone.

Located on the second floor of the Senlan Shangdu Shopping Center, the 7,000-square-meter pavilion houses more than 1,000 kinds of goods from nearly 20 countries and regions from all over the world in order to meet the demands of both online and offline customers.

Dozens of imported goods made their Chinese debuts at the pavilion, including Ecuador’s rose hip oil, horse oil from Mongolia, as well as quality red and white wines from Spain.

Yu Yong, general manager of Waigaoqiao Holding Group, said that the pavilion also has a range of facilities, such as a live broadcast room, a cinema and Ximalaya audio streaming app’s first offline experience store in East China.

Besides, a theme activity of Belt and Road countries will kick off on November 9 at the shopping center as a part of the supporting activities of the CIIE.