July 30, 2019

FTZ foreign capital use up in first half

In the first half of this year, the actual use of foreign capital of China’s 12 free trade zones reached 69.47 billion yuan (US$10.09 billion), up 20.1 percent year-on-year and accounting for 14.5 percent of that of the whole country.

In the past six years, 202 institutional reforms piloted in the FTZs have been replicated and promoted across the country.
The third batch of 31 “Best Practical Cases of Free Trade Zones” was released on July 23 to promote excellent experience. The cases mainly involve investment facilitation, financial services, supervision etc.

In the first half of this year, 5,010 new enterprises in 12 FTZs have been registered with the customs. Altogether 85,045 registered enterprises had a total foreign trade volume of 1.61 trillion yuan, up 4.3 percent from the same period of last year.

By the end of last year, the number of new foreign-funded enterprises, the actual use of foreign capital and foreign trade volume of 11 FTZs accounted for 15.54, 12.12, 12.25 percent, respectively, of the country, with a total area of only 0.02 percent of the country’s land area.