April 10, 2019

STA base clears Europe’s Good Manufacturing Practice

STA Pharmaceutical Co, a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec Co, announced recently that its pharmaceutical preparation production base in the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone has passed the European Medicines Agency’s Good Manufacturing Practice.

STA Pharmaceutical Co has realized seamless industrial chains in chemistry, production and control since it merged its pharmaceutical preparation department with WuXi AppTec Co in 2017.

After the company put its capsule and preparation production line into operation, thus completing its whole innovative medicine industry chain for clients from clinical period to commercialization, the company received multiple phase-three clinical and commercialization projects.

Chen Minzhang, CEO of STA Pharmaceutical Co, said quality is the company’s lifeline and core competitiveness. The Good Manufacturing Practice authentication is yet another manifestation of STA’s constant pursuit of high quality.

STA will keep building its whole industry chain and help cooperation partners to facilitate the process of putting its innovative medicines on the market, Chen added.