April 02, 2019

Customs launch self-service for printing of certificate of origin

The Shanghai Customs recently launched a self-service for printing of certificates of origin through its “single window” system. BASF (China) was the first company to use the system to print a certificate of origin form for the China-Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Sun Jiaqian, BASF (China)’s export clearance specialist, said the new system is much more convenient and saves the company a trip to the customs, and now they can print the certificate of origin in their office.

With support from the General Administration of Customs, the “single window” self-service printing system was launched on March 25. Through this, 15 types of certificates of origin can be printed, such as the certificate of origin form for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

The new system means that the application process for certificates of origin has gone totally electronic in China.

After the application information is verified by the customs, companies now can apply for the certificate of origin online for free and print complete and effective certificates of origin in color. The new application process takes no more than a few minutes, saving a lot of time and cost for companies.