January 21, 2019

Commerce assistant minister talks up three missions for 2019

China’s Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin has talked up three missions that the ministry will push forward this year, namely the second China International Import Expo, handling the Sino-US trade friction in a proper way and the construction of the free trade zone and the exploration to build the free trade harbor.

Speaking at a press conference for the State Council Information Office on January 16, he also spoke about promoting consumption, expanding the domestic market and further opening up.

Talking about pilot measures for free trade zone experiment areas and the free trade harbor in southern Hainan Province, Ren said that altogether 11 free trade zones have been completed nationwide and the construction of the harbor in Hainan is under way.

The ministry of commerce will learn from international experience and draft free trade harbor policies and mechanism oriented to China’s conditions, he said, adding that the free trade zone in Shanghai will be supported in terms of convenience in innovation for investment and trade. Also, pressure will be gradually lifted on foreign investor access and more policies for innovation and opening-up will be piloted in the zones.

Successful practices, meanwhile, will be spread to promote a higher-level open economy, Ren added.